Andres J Ruiz Torres

Software Engineer, Photographer, Traveler

The Developer


Always researching and learning about the latest technologies in Web. I enjoy writing clean composable React components using tools like Webpack, Grunt and Redux for managing large applications. On the backend I work every day with PHP, but enjoy working on side projects in Python, Ruby, and NodeJS.


The Photographer

I consider myself to be an amateur photographer. I love exploring places both near and far for good shots. Most of my work is Landscape, but I ocassionally do some portraits and wildlife photography as well.

My main camera is currently a Sony A7R. The Sony 24-240mm is main main lens because of how flexible it is, but I like shooting with the Sony 55mm F/1.8 and Sony 28mm F/2.0 as well.

Bellow is a small selection of my favorite shots, you can check out some more here.


The Traveler

I've been lucky early in my life and have gotten the chance to travel to some amazing places and experience some of the great things this world has to offer.

Bellow is a small selection of photos from my adventures.

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